My name is Emily Oliver, sounds just like any other name right? Well, that’s what I also thought about me and my life until I’ve decided to change it!

Welcome to my travel blog, which I am extremely proud of!

How it all started?

When I started this blog I was excited because I wanted to share travel experiences with my readers. I always want to share travel stories with others about places I have been to, activities I have done, and the people I’ve met. As time went on my goal to share travel experience with my readers came into focus and I realized that I need a platform where I can showcase my passion for sharing travel stories.

That’s when I decided to create my own website to showcase my passion for travel. Through this website I am now able to share travel stories and share my passion for travel. Why I started this blog? I started this blog so that I could share travel experience with others and inspire people to take a travel adventure.

In my opinion, sharing travel stories is one of the best ways to motivate people to take a travel adventure. Hesitate no more and pack your bags with me!


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