What’s Sri Lanka e-visa

In January 2012 the department of immigration of Sri Lanka launched the ETA(Electronic Travel Authorization) for those wanting to pay a visit to Sri Lanka. A Sri Lanka e-visa is an electronic visa that is connected to your own passport which is available to the department of immigration. The Visa to Sri Lanka is digitally released by the Sri Lankan Department of immigration. The Sri Lanka online visa is given for short-term trips to Sri Lanka for tourism reasons, transportation purposes and company purposes merely. The e-visa is valid for just 30 days.

Any traveler from just about any nation around the globe can submit an application for the Sri Lanka e-visa online without going to a consulate or perhaps an embassy. A person gets his/her e-visa by way of e-mail after filling the internet Sri Lanka application with the essential info and when you’ve made your credit card payments, you are ready to go. The conventional processing period is generally 1 day if you’re in a big hurry to obtain your e-visa you can add some funds for rush processing which takes about three hours or put more extra money for super rush processing that takes about thirty minutes to be fully processed.

You’re needed to complete a few of your basic details about yourself on the official website. In the web based Sri Lankan application you’re likely to write your Current email address, The arrival time in Sri Lanka, the departure time from your current country, your contact number and the name of your home country.

After filling the overall data part, you will have to write a few of your personal information. That’s All your names(First, middle and last names), Your nationality as stated on your own passport, Your birthday, your place of birth, your gender, your passport number. The time it had been granted, and also the time it will end. In addition, you have to specify your visa type whether it is a vacationer ETA or a company ETA and it’ll determine the cost that you should shell out. Here you’ll be required to select the processing period whether or not the standard, rush or super rush depending on your own urgency. Note your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of entry to Sri Lanka.

To get a Visa to Sri Lanka you must be able to stick and proof to the following if you’re making an application online

  • 1. You need to show that you’ve got ample funds to cover for what you need during your visit
  • 2. You should verify that the information you have given is real and accurate.
  • 3. You are not supposed to get an employment paid or unpaid or in any business other than the one stipulated in your e-visa throughout the time period you will be in Sri Lanka

Individuals in Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, and Nigeria will be required to go to their consulate or the Sri Lankan embassy if they would like a Sri Lanka e-visa since they cannot fill out an application online for the e-visa. You are also advised to print a duplicate of your e-visa which is sent to your email to be more safer.