What is eVisa to India and just what are the processes for application? A lot if not all countries around the world require a person to possess a visa to be able to visit them at their international port of entry. India is one of those places that need all foreigners to a valid visa […]

What is An Australian ETA? An Australian ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is a digital document granted by the Australian authorities (usually via its embassies) that is used to grant entry in Australia within the law and identifies tourists that are visiting the nation. Together with an ETA in Australia, you will be able to visit […]

EGYPT ELECTRONIC VISA The Egypt visa application is an electronic travel approval system for nationals of accredited places wanting to make a vacation to Egypt for traveling purpose. The new digital visa set up was launched by the Government of Egypt. Visa for Egypt endeavors to achieve the process for visitors to Egypt to have […]

E-Visa to Cambodia About Cambodia Cambodia is a country geographically located in the southern area of Indochina peninsula within the Southern parts of Asia. Cambodia has an overall total land mass of 181,035sq.km which is 69,898 sq when converted to miles. The country has an estimated human population of 16million individuals. The most practiced religion […]

What is Oman electronic visa/visa to Oman and what is Oman e visa requirements Oman is a country that’s based in the Arabian Peninsula, it borders the United Arab Emirates and Yemen. The main religion in Oman is Islam, they’re known as Muslims. And we have Ibadism, Sunni and Shi’a being practice too. Making a […]

ETA Australian visa application process What exactly is ETA Australian Visa and who is it designated for ? It is a travel document that is linked electronically to your passport. Any person who desires to enter Australia should have it and he/she can obtain this official document from an internet based travel agency or at […]